Brewing Hot! We Cannot Get Enough Of This Brand's Specialty Coffee

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Bili Hu

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What Makes It Awesome

Call yourself a coffee connoisseur? You've got to try the coffees from Bili Hu. Taking its name from Kannada where 'bili hu' stands for white flower that's symbolic of the coffee plant flower, this online coffee brand works with farms across Chikmagalur and offers premium Indian estate coffee to brew at home. 

What's on offer? They've got Arabica Robusta blend,  Arabica Coffee blend, a cold brew blend, Aghora Estate Coffee and more. Their Balur Estate Coffee which comprises milk chocolate and cranberry is supposed to have a sweet after taste, and we cannot wait to try it! We're also eyeing their Mysore Nugget Extra Bold, a single-origin coffee from Chikmagalur which has chocolate overtones and is supposed to have a lingering aftertaste.

Priced INR 315 onwards, their website lets you pick the grind size — whole beans, Espresso, Aeropress, French press, Drip Filter and more. Bili Hu's got trial packs too for both light roast and medium roast coffee, priced at INR 350. They even sell coffee makers on their website. You can shop their coffee online from LBB too!