From Rock-Climbing To Thematic Play Zones, This Play Center Defines Ultimate Fun For Kids!

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What Makes It Awesome

Bouncy House in Besant Nagar is among the more popular children play centres in the city. An indoor setup, this place is equipped with all kinds of fun activities for children ranging from 2 to 12. Interactive play and learn walls, building blocks, books, slides, ball pits, thematic plays areas - this place will also make you want to relive your childhood. 

Bouncy House has a separate toddler's section called Toddler Zone that has fun and colourful toys to help improve their motor skills. For children aged three and above, they have the Junior Zone. From rock climbing and multi-lane slides that end in cushiony, block-pit landings to shooting balls while jumping on a trampoline and a special play area that's loaded with games, your kids can have a total blast here. There are also games like mirror maze, gun shooting, mini-carousel and spiral walk-throughs to enjoy! The price for a total of 75 minutes package is about INR 500. 

Bouncy House can also host birthday parties for which they have a separate mezzanine floor. As for the food, they can arrange for catering and also have an attached cafe that offers lite bites, burgers and more. 


They have supervisors monitoring children at all times, so fret not! However, the presence of an adult is a must.