Bibliophiles! Discuss Your Favourites With The Chennai Chapter Of This Book Club

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Share your love for reading with fellow bookworms and discuss books and everything related to books, once a month, courtesy Broke Bibliophiles in the city.

What Makes It Awesome

Broke Bibliophiles is a nation-wide book club, with individual chapters in different cities. It’s like any book club, with discussions, sharing of thoughts and ideas, and obviously, the most important thing being a common love for books. And namma Chennai has her very own chapter that meets once a month to discuss, dissect and share a love for books. Plus, it’s also a great way to meet people.

Unlike most book clubs, they don’t have a book to talk about every month. Instead, their discussions are based on what the members are currently reading or have finished reading recently. So, it helps members learn about new books and add others to their list of books that they want to read. The best part? Every person attending these book club sessions gets to talk about a book before the full discussion sets in. Everybody participates in the discussion as they please, talking about either the book that someone else read or another book with a similar theme in a similar genre. Sometimes they even discuss movies that have been made on the books that have been mentioned.