These All-Day Shakes Are Absolutely Yummers & Healthy!

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What Makes It Awesome

Low-cal and gluten-free, we are talking about Brekkie's all-day breakfast shakes. Infused with protein, fibre and essential vitamins that apparently equal the nutritional value of one whole meal (but don't confuse them to be meal replacements), these are perfect for those looking for a healthier snacking options as well as those who feel too pressed for time to put a proper meal together. We tried their chocolate flavour shake and loved the fact that we could indulge in it guilt-free because of its low sugar content (there's stevia). They've also got coffee and almond flavour shakes, all of which come in tiny bottles that are easy to carry. You can even check them out on LBB Shop!

Prices start from INR 480 (for a six-bottle pack). 


They've got combo packs of 9 and 12 bottles too. 


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