Now You Can Buy Bottled ‘Fresh Air’ All Over India

Aasha posted on 18 December

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You know when you get some good news and it feels like a breath of fresh air? Now, you can literally buy fresh air which comes in a bottled form. You can buy these cans of freshly packaged air online. Its a cylindrical can with a funnel-type instrument attached to the nozzle so you can spray and breathe in fresh air. This is already popular in China! 

Different companies are selling different kinds of fresh air. Vitality Air, a Canada-based start-up is selling canned natural air from the Canadian Rockies. Another company, Pure Himalayan Air is apparently selling 'fresh air from the mountains of Chamoli, Uttarakhand.' A 10 litre bottle is priced at INR 550 and last 160 puffs. I guess it’s safe to say that a breath of (bottled) fresh air is going to be pretty expensive on a daily basis.