Decadent Truffles To Exotic Bars, This Chocolatier's Got Something For Everyone!

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What Makes It Awesome

Although based out of Bangalore, Rage Chocolatier lets you indulge in flavours inspired from across the world through their wide range of chocolate offerings. An online brand, their chocolate bars are a treat to both the eyes and the tongue. Featuring a mix of dark, milk and white chocolate packed in lovely wrappers with pictures of monuments, puzzles and games to solve, celebratory wishes and more, you get to choose from an array of flavours as well as themes when it comes to packaging. 

Their 72 per cent Dark Venezuelan Chocolate Bar and 67 per cent Single Origin Madagascar Dark Chocolate are our picks. If you're looking for a bit of bite and crunch, you can try their butterscotch and French biscuit chocolate bars or their almond dark chocolate bar. Rage Chocolatier's got plain milk chocolate, chocolates with fruity accents and sugar-free bars too. Prices start from INR 299. They even have milk marzipan, creamy mousse and strawberry cheesecake flavoured chocolate bars that are ideal if you want to go for something different, the way we like it. 

You can even check out beautifully curated hampers on their website to give as gifts. Rage Chocolatier's almond rocks and chocolate biscuits are quite popular too.  


You can check out their bars on LBB Shop! Not to forget, the bonus points you get on every purchase you make. It's a win-win! 


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