Make Space For These Handmade Ceramicware That Will Make Even Your Kitchen Happy!

Mandala Pottery


Say goodbye to plastic, and welcome classy, elegant, handmade ceramic kitchenware. Each piece is intricately designed at Mandala Studio in Auroville. 

What Makes It Awesome

With the recent plastic ban that was recently introduced in Tamil Nadu, throw those plastic utensils out of your window. What do we instead? Check out the Mandala Pottery Studio in Auroville that has ceramic bowls and tea bowls, art objects, jugs and teapots, mugs, tumblers, vases, plates and trays, and boxes.

Each piece that is designed at the studio is unique in character, shape, design, and colour. A lot of the bowls are sodafired, in red clay or with intricate cutwork. The bowls are priced at INR 2,000 onwards. The kettle and cup set reminds us of the ones that belonged to the European era. With minimalistic cravings and an adorb design, this piece is winning our hearts and is priced at INR 750. 

A simple plate with simple lines or cut work costs INR 1,200. These plates can be both a prop in your hall or can be used as a dinner plate. The crackle vase looks like it belongs from the Indus Valley Civilisation and posts INR 991. The porcupine-look-alike vase is a conversation starter and costs INR 7,500. 

All these beautiful ceramicware is designed and handmade at Mandala Pottery, a 22-year-old studio. All the products are composed of raw materials, they make their own clay and glaze it too. 


The finished products are food-safe, lead-free and dishwasher & microwave safe. The best part? The utensils are all functional, made either on the potter’s wheel, slip cast or hand built. The small-scale studio is also doing an exceptional job as they are all handmade. 

Mandala Pottery