Buy, Sell And Recycle Second-Hand Electronics At This Store For Great Deals

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CeX, UK-based company has a store at VR Mall where you can buy and sell electronics are super affordable prices. There is a 2-year warranty too, and you can buy everything here; phones, laptops, camera lenses, PlayStations, and more.

What Makes It Awesome

Really want a new camera lens or a fancy new phone but your bank account is screaming no? Yup, we feel the pain. But fear not! CeX will save you. All of you giggling at that statement, high five! But on a serious note, this store will recycle your old electronics and in turn, you can buy second-hand products at budget prices. While there is plenty in the electronics sections, we particularly love the gaming category (which is huge). Pick up Assassin's Creed (INR 550),  XBOX 360's Arcade Unplugged (INR 350), Armored Core: Verdict Day (INR 180), and Armored Warfare (INR 220), plus racks filled with gaming CDs.

In the phone section, they currently have different brands including a Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro (64 GB) Dark Blue for INR 16,500, an iPhone SE priced at INR 15,200, and an iPhone X priced at INR 86,500. They also have a Google home mini priced at INR 4,200.

There is photography equipment, too. A Nikon AF-P DX Nikkor 18-55 mm F/3.3-5.6 G VR lenses are priced at INR 2,500. You can find some budget SLR and DSLR cameras here, too. This is possibly the only place you can buy expensive stuff, but at a fraction of the cost, keeping you and your wallet happy!


Every item in this store has a two-year warranty, so don't you worry about buying second-hand!


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