This Artist Can Mash Up Your Favourite Movie Characters Into A Piece Of Classical Art

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What Makes It Awesome

Can you imagine the kind of paintings Da Vinci or Monet would present if they were alive in the 21st century? Charles Britto, a Chennai-based artist, gives that imagination a realistic form. With his crazy photoshop skills, he can mash up any renaissance artwork with a hint of modern realism. By modern, we mean a scene of your favourite movie mashed up in a classical art piece to create a whole new level of amazement. Some may find it funny, and some may just be amused by how realistic they look, but for us - we are simply awestruck by it! 

Going by the name of Kalakki, Britto's artworks have gone viral. His first work of art was Silk Smitha superimposed into Vincent Van Gogh's famous Wheat Field With Cypresses painting. The painting was done as a tribute to the late actress of the Tamil Cinema. The combination of her black and white image somehow goes perfectly with the earthy tones of Van Gogh's painting. We love the funky contrast it creates, and we bet it would make for a quirky addition to your room. There have even been variations of Dileesh Pothan in Thondimuthalum Drisakshiyum where he is being taken by the police. The twist here is that the backdrop is that of Van Gogh's Wheatfield With Crows made in 1890.

Apart from various Tamil movie scenes and actors, Charles Britto also does Bollywood variations. One of our favourites is the picture of Kalki Koechlin getting a hair bath in Margarita With A Straw against a backdrop of Van Gogh's Starry Night. There is even one scene taken from the Goblet Of Fire that has been converted into a work of art by superimposing the Harry Potter trio on Samuel Morse's Gallery Of The Louvre painting. Truly magical, we say! Can you imagine your picture being superimposed into a classic theme that goes perfectly with the mood of your picture? We'd totally love that.


Kalakki is soon starting a poster and postcard store. You can hit them up with a request to superimpose your own pictures, or you can buy one of Britto's paintings to add a hint of quirk to your walls.