Having A Ruff Day? Cheer Up With These Online Pawdorable Chennai Doggo Accounts

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Take a break from being envious of Insta-bloggers who travel the world and live luxurious lives. Instead, spend some social media energy on catching up with little Indie puppers that need a home or gorgeous canines just going about their day with their humans. These four accounts that showcase some awww-esome pooches are sure to brighten your day!

Bailey The Retriever

Bailey is a gorgeous Golden Retriever who would prefer to live on the beach {just like the rest of us} and loves sticking her head out of the car while going on road trips. Catch her walking her hooman, netflix and chilling and just being plain adorable.

Zoe The Beagle

Zoe the Beagle might just be a mermaid dressed up as a doggo… She absolutely loves the water and playing at the beach. She’s also a lover of junk food. And by junk we means she loves to eat paper and furniture {not boring old dog food and toys}. Follow this grumpy-faced cutie on Instagram for all her adorable shenanigans.

Hotel For Dogs

If you’re looking for more than one happy doggo, this Instagram handle is for you. Hotel For Dogs, is quite literally a hotel for dogs in Chennai. You’ll meet the happiest puppers here where they even have a swimming pool for all the guests to cool off in. Find happy and hilarious pics of the furballs { winking huskies, guilty retrievers and just happy-go-lucky Indies}. They’re even open to visitors between 4pm and 6pm if you want to see these poochkins up close.

Dogs Of Madras

This handle is all about adorable puppers and helping them get adopted. They share deets about adoption drives in the city and even put up pictures and videos of Indie pups that are so cute you might want to adopt them yourselves. There’s a 75-day old ball of energy named Teddy and a bashful one-month old cutie looking for a furever home. DM them if interested!