Channel Your Inner Spiderman With This Super Cool Parkour Group In Chennai

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What Makes It Awesome

To the layman like you and me, parkour is a form of urban traversal (remember the first chase sequence in Casino Royale?), where the practitioner (also called a traceur), uses his or her body to weave through obstacles and get to an endpoint. But for the folks at Chennai Parkour in Ekkatuthangal, Chennai's own Parkour Club, it’s more than just getting from A to B. They've grown from being people who used to cat-climb walls in parks to successful traceurs who have also showcased their talents in Tamil movies and across the world. 

The folks at Chennai Parkour are big on making parkour accessible for everyone be it men, women, girls, boys, young and even the elderly. The cool thing about parkour is that it can be scaled depending on the fitness, experience, and skill of the trainee, so the only thing that separates you and your fellow trainees are efforts! With experienced coaches at the helm, their classes are both fun and rewarding.

Trying out parkour for the first time? Not to worry. Each class at Chennai Parkour is carefully run by coaches who walk you through everything right from stretching and warming up to knowing when to stop and how much to push oneself. Their rigorous system of progression (scaling) also ensures that you’re never doing something your body cannot handle. That said, in case of an emergency medical supplies are always at hand. Prices start at about INR 1,000 per month (three classes per week) for students and costs slightly more for working professionals.


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