From Tiffin Dabbas And Bottles To Wireless Routers, This Store Has ‘Em All!

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Whether you’re looking for boxes to pack your lunch or electronic appliances, you’ll find them at Classic Collection in T-Nagar. 

What Makes It Awesome

Talk about finding everything you need under one roof - we’re talking routers, tiffin boxes, water bottles, Bluetooth speakers, and even mobile phones! Welcome to Classic Collection, which put a whole new spin on ‘one-stop shop’.

They have a range of non-electronic products starting INR 150. We love their lunch boxes and storage boxes, which are nifty and compact. They come in steel and plastic and are great not just for storing food but for any accessories. The metal bottles are the highlight, they come with sassy puns like ‘goal digger’, with a football-based print. We could totally relate to the one that said, ‘caution, the person holding this bottle is extremely hot!’. 

Coming to the electronics, they’ve got JBL speakers, headphones, battery packs, phone covers, Fitbits, webcams, and chargers. This is one of the few stores where you’ll find some of the most ancient phones like Samsung Guru and the first few models of Nokia. You’ll remember these because of their non-smartness!

So as absurd as it may seem, but you can head to this store for electronic appliances as well as kitchen accessories. 


All electronic products come with a warranty, so don’t worry!