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Chennaities! Unwind At This Farm Stay Just 100 Kilometres Away From The City

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    We discovered a weekend getaway just an hour away from Chennai. Oxyville — a private farm resort — is for those who want to ditch luxury holidays and instead chill amidst fields and fall asleep below clear skies with squad. And this farm resort staycation is available for a steal deal too.


    What Makes It Awesome

    Oxyville is a private farm resort located in Kanchipuram and meant for the nature lovers. The stay is also a perfect way to break free from the mundane city routine. Bid goodbye to polluted skies and noisy roads for a bit and disconnect at this farm stay and peace out.

    You will be staying in the middle of seven acres of farmlands in Perumbakkam. The villa is not just for couples, but for your entire squad. The spacious farm resort has three bedrooms accommodating up to six people and is equipped with all basic amenities. What we loved about this minimalist bungalow is the terrace. Yes, this is where you should wake up. We’d rather ditch the rooms and lie below stars at the terrace and wake up to a beautiful sunrise amidst green plantations. The white villa also offers a balcony with bamboo swings and plenty of cute reading corners.

    You could also request to stay in their huts outside and make the most of moonlit skies and the blanket of stars view. Not just peaceful mornings, but Oxyville is also quite the place to unwind during breezy evenings. The owners light up the place with our favourite yellow LED lights and you could request for a bonfire and chill on the hammocks jamming to songs or doing anything you like! The best part is that if you book a group of six, then the prices can be brought down significantly. Also, by shelling out a few extra bucks you could also get yourself authentic meals thrice a day and request for transport if you’re in the mood to venture out.

    So yes, you could literally wake up in the middle of nowhere at this budget-friendly farm stay, just 100 kilometres away from the city and watch nothing but friendly cows and some hens. Perfect isn’t it?


    Oxyville’s owners are open to hosting more than just six people and you could book yourself the entire place in case of corporate gatherings, throwing parties for the squad and even movie screenings. Make sure to book in advance though.