Elate Your Homes With Designer Glass Wares And Mirrors From This Arumbakkam Studio

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What Makes It Awesome

The glow of glass inside the house makes the light reflecting all the more refreshing. Creative Glass Studio in Arumbakkam goes completely artsy with its glasses. May it be a mirror, glass sealed windows or just simple glass decors to add to your corners, they have unique pieces to heed to your liking. All of their products come with a conceptual design! They specialise in making stylised mirrors. These mirrors make for a perfect decor piece in your living rooms as well as an aesthetic addition to your bathrooms!

We love their cutesy wall mirror collection. One of our favourites is Creative Glass Studio's Bonzai Decorative mirror which is shaped like the based of a Bonzai plat with pastel blue leafy patterns on its borders. Their simple rectangular mirrors with colourful stone studs and swirling glass patterns placed as a fall on one of its border is another of our picks! It costs INR 8000. Creative Glass Studio also carves words and quoted onto their mirrors. Their semi-oval mirror with LOVE carved on its lower side with a shiny blue heart on the top would look adorable in your kids' bedroom. It costs INR 6500. They have a bunch of elegant collections with their vintage oval mirrors with brush stroke style glass carving! All these mirrors have waterproof bands behind to help the mirror stick to the wall.

Creative Glass Studio also makes acrylic and Vinyl mirror stickers. These can come in various themes and styles. You can even get them customised. You can buy a bunch of such stick-ons and make a mosaic pattern by yourself! We also love the floral wall mirror sticker with flowing leafy branches which comes for INR 800. They are also absolutely chic on the walls. Further, they deal with making a bunch of glass kitchen wares as well. They do etching and frosting on glasses too! You can get them in various colours and put them up as showpieces or even vase on your top shelf. They do textures on glass as well. 

You can get mirrors customised according to the ambience of your home along with ideating your home decors. They will help you out with it too!


They provide home-based services of fixing your glass as well as cleaning it. They have an app that you can download to get this service on your doorstep!