This 70-Year-Old Home Decor Store Is Winning For It’s Budget Prices And Customer Service

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Mod Furnishings has been making curtains, bags, cushions for the past seven decades and we love their budget prices and customer service!

What Makes It Awesome

Discover the world of curtains at Mod Furnishings, a hidden gem right in the centre of TTK Road. We recommend this place for two things - the prices and the quality. Walk into this 70-year-old store and you will be amazed by the fabric guide that has 70 different kinds of curtain materials and designs in it. If that doesn't help, the owner Priti Haksar will help you select the perfect fabric that suits your room. 

Talking about the different materials, they have curtains in cotton, polyester, synthetic, and silk. The cotton curtains, however,  are our favourite because they are mostly in pastel shades. Think off-white, lemon yellow, and green, starting INR 400. If you are looking for something elegant, try their curtains with intricate embroidery work. For something fancier, they have floral designs like petunias and roses on the curtains. This store really knows its curtains - they have more than 10 curtain manuals for you to go through and pick your fave!

Other than the friendly staff, we like how the curtains are budget-friendly. We also recommend you bargain with a vengeance. Having been around for 70 years, the store has loyal customers who drop by every once in five months. It is no longer about making profits, it is the relationship they share with their customers, says Priti. 

While looking at the curtains, don't forget to check out their cloth bags that come in different sizes - small ones to keep keys and cash and the big handbags to keep books. These start from INR 100. You can also find cushions and cushion and bed covers at this store. 

What Could Be Better

The store is tiny so don't step in expecting one of the mall-look-alike-stores.


The store will bring the curtain and fix it for you. Don't forget to chat with Priti when you stop by. With her help, you will find the perfect curtain for your home and a good friend!


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