All In A Jar: This Snow Globe Terrarium Is Winning Us Over With Its Cuteness!


    What Makes It Awesome

    OK, we’ve heard of customised terrariums and plants, but these terrariums are making it super personal, and we love it! Thanks to Gayathri, we now have plants, a house, and our dreams all in a glass jar. Miss Jardinier (the brand's name) has been customising terrariums for over 4 years, and the USP is the additions made.

    Miss Jardinier's got general plants which range from INR 350 to INR 500. It also has terrariums comprising succulents and indoor plants which grow slow. You have to keep them in a well-lit area and water it once in four days. But that's not what makes them awesome. In addition to all this, Gayathri also adds some tiny houses, shells, pebbles, and even a cute little couple inside the glass jar. We can’t think of anything cuter to gift your loved one.

    The terrarium with the balloons, a home, and a tiny couple from Miss Jardinier is especially winning our hearts. Not only is the adorable factor at its highest, but the creativity is also commendable. You can get terrariums based on special occasions (Diwali-themed, Easter-themed, for example) and the snow globe terrariums with its Antarctic-themed snow, reindeer, igloo, and snowmen are lit! These terrariums are priced from INR 3,000, so get your own soon. You can buy the terrariums from Ferns n Petals at Ramanujam IT Park.

    How Much Did It Cost

    ₹500 - ₹1000


    Miss Jardinier has recently introduced handmade gardens wall accessories that give off a very African aesthetic. Called the Sabai Grass Wall Baskets these are intricately crafted inspired from the Rwanda Baskets. They come in pops of colours like deep pinks and greens and in monochromes. These start at INR 600.