Ditch Them Plastic Bags, Hoard Up On These Hand-Painted Cloth Bags & Slaaaay

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What Makes It Awesome

Times are a changing, and Chennai has already started ditching plastic bags. However, recyclable plastic is still in use, but really, why? Switch to eco-friendly cloth bags with the trippy designs and motifs. 

This is where Hastkrit enters - started by Lavanya a year ago, Hastkrit bags are cloth and jute bags handpainted by Lavanya. The art on the bags is their USP, it’s inspired by an art form called Zentangle (here, patterns are called tangles, a combinations of dots, lines, simple curves to create elemental strokes). She sources the cotton from Chennai and the Jute from Mumbai and uses fabric and poster paints. 

Choose from a variety of bags - mainly the shopping bags which every house is hoarding up on nowadays. Rock your outfit of the day with their chic sling bags. If you’re looking for something a bit quirky, go with their thamboolam bags. Not a big fan of lugging a bag around all day? Their adorable cloth pouches are just for you. These bags are priced from INR 100. 

Hastkrit also makes hand-painted coasters, greeting cards, notebooks with eco-friendly paper, and gift tags. 

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500