Doraemon With Heart Eyes, Adorable Pencils & Teensy Tapes, Stationery Is Sorted Here

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What Makes It Awesome

For the love of weird but adorb stationery and gifts, head to Gifts N Gifts in East Coast Road (ECR). Perhaps one of the most underrated stores in Chennai, this store will surprise you with their fresh gifting options and stationery merch.

Starting with the stationery, we love these adorable pink pencils with wooden smiling face stubs and a tiny ribbon tied around them. These are priced from INR 40. Perk up your office desk with quirky bouncy magnets which come with springs. Get them in various hand painted designs including teapots, strawberries, and watermelons. For the ones who can stay away from tapes and yarns, Gifts N Gifts has a box full of super tiny washi tapes in different thickness, colourful yarn, and gorgeous ribbons starting INR 30.

In the gifting section, you'll find both stuffed toys as well as board games and action figures. Our fave is Doraemon with heart eyes emoji and Peppa Pig (cute max). The game section has a collection of games for children aged between 3 and 17. Mechanical games, puzzles, clay, drawing and art, Legos, quilling, they got games for all starting INR 399. You can shop for party essentials such as party hats, confetti, and decorations at Gifts N Gifts.

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