Head To This Vintage Church In Pondicherry For A Unique, Historical Experience

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you ever find yourself at Pondicherry, be sure to find your way to Rue Dumas and pay a visit to the Dumas Church. You won't be disappointed! Known as Our Lady of Angels Church, this beach facing gem is an ode Greco-Roman architecture and French culture in the town. Designed and constructed by Louis Guerre in 1855, the Dumas Church resembles the Notre Dame in Paris. The church bell is believed to have been procured from France, with a mechanism including special pulleys and rope connected downstairs. The bell was suspended in 2012, due to the fact that it caused hindrance to the neighboring structures!

    A small garden stands in-between the Dumas Church and the beach, which is the home to an elegant statue of Joan of Arc, gifted by French politician Francois Gaudart during his visit in 1919. Since the church traditionally had a French priest from the beginning, a French-speaking Tamil priest now overlooks the services. This church happens to be the only one in Tamil Nadu, to conduct masses in French, Tamil and English. The church is easy to identify with it's distinguished two, squared bell-towers and a stone hand-railed stairs at the main entrance.

    Due to the fact that it is located at the lovely White Town, in the French Quarter in Pondicherry, the church is serene and extremely peaceful! Flowering bougainvilleas and vintage French styled buildings surrounding the place, makes us feel like we're in a little rue by the beach in France. The interior of the church is luminous and provides one of the best, magical views of the beach! The dome above the alter, fills it with light throughout the day, through its latticework glass ceilings. Lights and decorations fill-up the interiors during Christmas and that is a magical sight in Pondicherry.  

    So, the next time you visit White Town, don't miss out on visiting this Church at Rue Dumas. This place takes Instagram-worthy to the next level.