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Get Closer To Earth With Handmade Skin Care Products From This Online Store


Love that aroma of cocoa or soothing feels of flowers on your body? Then switch to this body and hair care brand which makes and sells handmade products on Instagram.

What Makes It Awesome

Earthen Clay on Instagram makes and sells skin care, body care as well as hair care products right out of their homes with basic ingredients found in nature. They claim to be both parabens as well as cruelty-free. Their collection and experimentation range includes soaps, lip balms, lip scrubs, body scrubs, shampoo bars, hair masks, hair serum, face serum, face masks, face toners, body butter and face creams. 

You can also buy baths salts and foot soaks from Earthen Clay. Fancy, aye! The main ingredients that you will find in most of their products are bentonite clay, green tea, argan oil, Kaolin white clay, beeswax, saffron, jojoba oil, black seed oil and cocoa butter. They also experiment with various other ingredients from the garden and kitchen to produce their own! Their soaps are not only made naturally but look tempting AF along with their butter and masks which come in adorable glass jars.

Earthen Clay also provides different ways to use their shampoo bars, leave-in condition and masks to get the fullest benefits out of it. You just have to DM them for order and they will tell you the right product according to what issue you are looking to tackle. Their product prices are not more than INR 400!


You can also find them at Eco Indian store in Mylapore.