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    Bamboo Brushes & Plantable Paper, These Lifestyle Products Are Budget AF AND Eco-Friendly!

    Aasha posted on 15 December


    Everwards India, a new brand started by the founders of Two’s Company has a huge list of budget, eco-friendly products. Check out the rates and it will blow your mind! 

    What Makes It Awesome

    To get (and be able to afford) zero-waste, sustainable products is the dream. Everwards just made that happen. This new company has a huge list of lifestyle and personal care products and they are all super pocket-friendly! 

    Bamboo toothbrush, stainless steel straw, up-cycled hairbands, and coconut spoon & fork, plantable paper and pencils, you can get all this starting just INR 99. And, the names of these products are super adorable: ‘Namaslay’ for the yoga mats, ‘Organ-nice-er’ for the files, and ‘Tote-ally’ for tote bags. 

    In personal care, they’ve got Nalangu Maavu, travel soap (coffee & cinnamon, geranium, vanilla, lemongrass), lip balm, powder shampoo, menstrual cup, bath salts, and coffee scrubs starting INR - wait for it - 99 (is this the real life, is this just fantasy?) These apparently have anti-ageing properties too, and are super compact and repurposed. We don’t even have to say ‘order yours now’ - you’re already on it, we see you!


    Everwards India is having their first pop-up event called ‘Experience zero waste living’ from December 15-23 at Sait Colony House, Egmore. Drop by to try some samples and buy the merch! 

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