The First Luxury Fan Store In Chennai Is All-Things-Cool And Breezy!

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This new cool Fanzart store will blow your mind for its style, art, and design. 

What Makes It Awesome

Fans are one of the single most important electronic devices in any household in India. (Chennai peeps know how important a fan can be in summer). But how much importance do we give to a fan, its design, style, art, and colour? With the newly opened Fanzart store, you can now get artistically designed fans that match well with your interiors. They have a luxurious range of fans that look graceful, elegant, and funky as per the interiors of the room. 

They have a variety of fans - feather, wave, atom, twinz, crystal, saturn, and, rodeo. (Did you know so many fans existed?). These fans come with different features like summer-winter, eco feature, human sensor, 3D oscillation, and 360-degree rotation. The Victorian fan set comes with five light kits so this fan has a two-in-one purpose to it. The Basil fan is basically hand painted natural shades that will look perfect for a sleek bedroom. For something fancier, check out their Rainbow and Sunshine fan that comes in different colours and an attached pull chain. 

Did you know fans come with chandeliers? Yes, they have an option like that! (we are equally baffled). The varieties will truly mesmerize you for the style and efficiency. 


The fans are priced from INR 12,000 onwards.