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Solve Your Grocery Needs In 60 Minutes With This Online Delivery Service

    What Makes It Awesome

    Grocery shopping, as necessary as it is for you to save money on eating outside, it is just as annoying to step out and haggle your way through a crowd. How about we tell you that we have something which will allow you to get it all at your doorstep within just a few minutes? Well, Festoo, a Chennai-based online brand has got those shopping shelves aligned to provide you with fresh groceries within 60 minutes at your doorstep (or even less). They have got catalogues separately for fruits, vegetable, seafood, meat and groceries like grains, cereals, snacks and toiletries. 

    If you have got that habit of biting into an apple early in the morning, then Festoo gives you options of Royal Gala, Washington and Shimla apple to choose from with prices starting at INR 173. You can check for the numbers in stock as well as compare your prices. If you want the feel of in-store shopping, then you can check for the dimensions of the apples you want. They have specially imported Asian fruits like plum, dragon fruit and durian! All of their fruits and vegetables are organically grown as well. Ain't that healthily fancy?

    You can buy seafood and meat as well! Choose your cut and choose your type of meat starting at INR 150 for fishes. They even have red meat. If you are looking for some exotic snacks like fruit loops or seaweed crackers or even Cheetos, then you will get those as well. Brown Tree snacks and chocolates are also available here! Festoo even has a category reserved for sanitary pads, perfumes, toothpaste and brushes. They have their own bank of products for daily skincare that you can check out. 


    They have a catalogue for fashion shopping as well. You can get brands like ESPRIT, Levi's and Louis Phillip.