Biryani Cut Meat To Marinades & Sausages: This Shop Will Deliver It All To Your Doorstep!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Disclaimer: The availability of meat is based on stock while they last.  Please follow all social distancing rules, wear masks and carry sanitisers while you are at the outlets. In case of online delivery, try opting for contactless delivery and online payment. Delivery time may get affected due to high demand, so order in advance. 

    Looking for a good meat shop in the city that’s clean and can guarantee good quality meat and seafood of all kinds?  Rest assured, Fipola will do a great job with that. The company follows a 'farm to fork' model where the meat is directly bought from the farmers from where it goes through checks and cleaning processes and then is sold in their store. Fipola also claims to have an in-house laboratory that guarantees chemical and pesticide-free products, making it highly sought-after! 

    What's on offer? In addition to chicken tenders, lollipops, drumsticks and whole leg, Fipola's got curry cut, biryani cut, mince and boneless options in both chicken and lamb & goat category. Their seafood range is vast and you can also shop for cold cuts here. We're talking German chicken bacon, salami, chicken breakfast sausage, plain chicken sausage and cocktail sausage. Prices start from INR 375 for 300 grams. 

    Fipola also has ready-to-cook products like chicken fried momos (INR 196) and chicken cheese nuggets (INR 276). You can also check out exotic meats along with marinades such as chicken peri-peri wings and tangri kebabs. They also country eggs and free-range eggs along with their own glazes, spreads and pickles. They have 11 outlets in the city spread aross OMR, ECR, Kodambakkam, Anna Nagar and more, but you can also place orders over the phone or via their website. 

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    The benefits of stopping by the store are that you get to select the meat you want personally and watch them prepare it for packaging. They've got petfood too. 

      Available Online