Grab A Bite At These Eateries

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More than anything, it is the peace of sitting down and having an array of options to hog from after a long day at the mall, that you crave for always. Chennai Citi Centre in Mylapore, in spite of being one of the oldest malls in the city, too doesn't disappoint when it comes to food. They even have a rooftop setting for you to take in the view of the sea while gorging on your favourite dishes. Here's a list of eateries you can check out while you are there.

Dosa Wrap

For the love of tradition, but with a little twist, head to Dosa Wrap on the ground floor. As the name suggests, it is a wrap but not your regular pita bread or tortilla or paratha. It is your beloved dosa! They have both vegetarian as well as non-veg options for you to choose from. You can go for a chicken masala dosa wrap or a corn and spinach one. You don't even have to sit and eat! Just carry it on-the-go! 

Lassi Cream

Take a break and put your bags down at Lassi Cream on the ground floor. They have an array of beverages to freshen you up. As the name suggests, they specialise in lassis, but you can go for their mocktails, smoothies and coffees too! If you are looking for desserts, they have ice creams, kulfis and chocolate desserts. Their Belgian choc chip brownie is quite popular!


Fast food craving that never dies, hit KFC on the second floor. All of your chicken desires will be fulfilled by their crispy chicken wings, zinger burgers, chicken popcorn and huge chicken pieces! They have spicy rice bowls and chicken longers for budget meals. They have a chicken burger made out of just chicken crisps instead of buns!


If you are a burger fan, then you can never miss out on the classic McDonald's. Juicy patty burgers and creamy mayo, nothing satisfies junk cravings like a good old burger and some fries from McD! Just head to the 3rd floor at the food court in Chennai Citi Centre for a quick meal. There's a kiosk on the rooftop as well. 


Some milky fun! Head to Keventers on the third floor at The Marina. Along with their decadent flavours of KitKat shake, coffee indulgence and caramel love, we love their bottles even more. Known to be one of the first Indian milkshake brands, it will always be a hit with us. You can even take their pretty glass bottles home and put in some fairy lights to light up your little world.

Yu Mee

Craving something Asian? Yu Mee on the third floor at The Marina is there to delight you with their noodles, rice and several starter options. They have combos and meals as well. You can mix up any fried rice along with dragon chicken, chilli chicken and garlic chicken. You can even make your own by adding in the vegetables of your choice. They have shitake mushrooms and lotus stem too. 

Yali Biryani

Aromatic and spicy, a meal in itself is our all-time favourite biryani. Yali Biryani on the third floor at The Marina serves up some TDF Mughal style biryani. They have options for both lamb and chicken. They serve it with raita and salan. Try some bread halwa to deal with the spice. You will not be disappointed.

Kapao Dos

Munchies? We say momos. Kapao Dos on the third floor at The Marina has quite a variety when it comes to momos. Apart from the regular steamed chicken and veg momos, they have fried ones, schezwan, butter chicken, sui mai, and so much more. They even have Cheesy Chow which is like nachos overloaded with various meaty or vegetable toppings. They have an outlet on the rooftop also for you to enjoy their munchies in open air.

Little Idli

For some comforting food, we have Little Idli on the third floor at The Marina serving homemade varieties of idlis. Starting from plain steamed idli to chilli idlis and podi idlis, they will fill up your belly just right. They have plain dosa and masala dosas as well. 


Keracho on the third floor at The Marina specialises in grills, kebabs and chops. For any meat lover, this is heaven. Doused in Indian spices, they have options for chicken, mutton and even fish. You can order up Shawarma and dum Biryanis as well. They have combos of biryani, chops and kebabs that will have you drooling. 


You can enjoy Telugu meals at Ruchulu. They have meal options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians serving steamed rice with Andhra chicken curry, rasam, sambar, ruchulu and much more. You can even go for stand-alone dishes such as Hyderabadi biryani and fish fries.

Celebrations 365

Craving dessert? Celebrations 365 on the third floor at The Marina makes artisan ice creams. You can choose the flavours from the menu, and they will mix it up real good for you to taste the creamiest concept ice cream. They have mixed fruits flavours,  along with pista, badam and kesar. Or you can stick to classics like chocolate, butterscotch and more. 

Courtallam Border Rahmat Kadai

Enjoy South Indian delicacies at Courtallam Border Rahmat Kadai. Their parotta variety includes options like Kothu parotta, Cylone parotta and puff parottas which you can pair with Natu Kozhi (chicken curry). We suggest you buy a Kalakki for some soft egg and it tastes really good with their Madras style biryanis.

Chicago Pizza

Can we ever get bored or pizzas? Nope. Chicago Pizza reigns on the third-floor offering options like Margarita, Pepperoni, Meat Supreme and so much more. The best part is you can order by the slices if you are a single person! They have garlic bread and pastas too if you want to go for something different.

Chat Corner

For that evening snack craving, Chat Corner on the third floor serves up some yummy tangy chaats.  You have the options of getting dahi papdi, samosa chaat, kachori chaat, aloo chaat, and so much more. You can even buy just samosas and kachoris with some spicy as well as sweet chutney on the side.