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Organic Soaps, Bath Bombs & Soaks - Four Seasons Just Made Our Day

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Check out Four Seasons, by Farha Rayyan, who makes hand-crafted artisanal soaps, bath soaks and foot soaks that are organic and natural. 

What Makes It Awesome

After a long, monotonous day, all you need is a relaxing shower. And it gets better with organic and aromatic soaps, bath bombs and foot soaks. Chennai-based Farha Rayyan runs Four Seasons that features artisanal soaps, foot soaks, bath bombs in two categories - herbal (lemongrass) and floral (lavender, rose, German chamomile, and musk). She handcrafts them herself and makes them in different shapes like circle, square, rectangle and hexagon. 

She uses organic carrier oils like coconut oil, castor oil or jojoba oil to make soaps. She also suggests soaps with jojoba oil for those with acne issues. In fact, it also is a great ingredient for babies as it doesn't affect them and is perfect for their soft skin. 

Some of her niche flavours include vanilla beans, ground coffee, turmeric, and sandalwood. How does she make them? She uses an organic layer of coir as a scrub, organic leaves and petals (of flowers) and scents which are all natural. The essential oils she uses are all halal-free. 

Feel like a king by dunking some bath bomb in your bathtub. The mixture is used to add essential oils, scent, bubbles, colour to the bathwater. 

What Could Be Better

Each soap is INR 200 and absolutely chemical-free and handcrafted. 


The gift box costs INR 1,000 and includes soap, candles, scrubs/foot soap/bath soaks and bath bombs.  

Bath & Body

Four Seasons