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    Quirky Bicycle Prints And Hand Painted Kurtas, Wear Your Dream With Fray 2.0


    Chennai-based Fray 2.0 designs and customises clothes for men and women from old saris and fabric at pocket-friendly prices. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Ask any celebrity their style statement and they would immediately respond, saying, "wear clothes that are comfortable and that suit your personality". That's exactly what Rasika Murali and Niranjani Ram had in mind when they started Fray 2.0. Fast fashion is not just unsustainable, but super expensive, and everyone ends up with the same clothes. But, what if you could design your own clothes (by recycling old fabric) at budget prices? That’s what Fray 2.0 does! 

    Whether you want T-Shirts, pants, or kurtas, Fray 2.0 will make your dream clothes with existing or old fabric. You can find block prints, tie-dyed shirts, and hand painted kurtas for men starting INR 500. If you are supplying the fabric, they can customise clothes starting INR 500. But if you don't have fabric, no pressure. they will source it and make that chic kurta or sari dress you’re looking for at INR 1000. 

    Cotton, silk cotton, jute, and silk jute, these are some of the fabric they work with. Their clothes scream comfort and that's what we love about them. We are already eyeing the cheeky lime yellow summer dress (with checks and adorbs frills!). They haven't started selling out of a store, so, contact Rasika to place your order. 


    Fray 2.0 also makes customised backpacks and totes, and they are very budget-friendly, so, yay!

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