Make The Most of The Rains With 8 Kinds Of Fries And 5 Types Of Maggi At This Eatery



    Double Roti on Cenotaph Road offers a menu that is perfect for chowing on this rainy season in Chennai.  From eight kinds of French fries to five types of Maggi {called Posh Maggi by them}, Double Roti is snacking heaven.

    It's Snacking Weather

    Called the Decked Up Fries, we say skip the classic or regular fries and instead embrace everything from cheesy versions to masala ones too. Plus, there’s sour cream and salsa, caramelised onions and grilled sausage, tandoori chicken, beef chilli and even bacon and cheese like options to choose from. Yum!

    Not into fries {are you for real?}? Then give a try of their Posh Maggi section that comes with a free bottle of Coke. The humble Maggi noodles gets a fancy makeover with the Corny Maggi version {corn, olives, jalapenos and sour cream}, or even gives you a taste of Maggi from up in the hills, with their Himalayan Maggi { cooked with lettuce, chillies,  and lots of coriander}. But we are saving space for the tandoori chicken tikka and cheese and the big, fat Hoggers Maggi with bacon, chicken sausage, cheese and caramelised onion. That’s one posh upgrade for Maggi noodles we think! And so perfect for the current rainy weather too.