From Fridge Magnets To Postcards, This Artist’s Merch Is So Chennai, We’re Lovin’ It

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What Makes It Awesome

It’s the little things about namma Chennai which make us happy every day. Probably the smell of filter kaapi or the sound of shlokam early in the morning, or even the neighbour aunty fighting with the vegetable seller on the street. Shri Abhiraami reflects all things fully Chennai through her merch and it will make you fall in love with Chennai even more. 

An architect by day and an artist by night, Abhiraami makes badges, fridge magnets, bookmarks, and postcards filled with all-things-Chennai. We love the fridge magnet she made as part of her Hexagon series, with a paper rocket and sketches of iconic places in the city - Marina Lighthouse, Kapali Kovil, and Chennai Central to name a few. 

Her badges have a combination of inspiring quotes and kickass comments, and the one with ‘all-time nerd’ is adorable. If you’re looking to for personalised gifts, her postcards are a great option as she customises them too. However, Chennai-inspired products are owning our hearts!

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000