This Online Brand Makes Accessories Using Preserved Flowers, And We Love Them!

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What Makes It Awesome

A bit of nature to carry with us! Frozen Nature Touch is an online brand that makes enchanting artworks in the form of tiny home accessories and jewellery using real flowers, leaves and even stones. You can find a wide variety of these, made with a mix of resin, flow art, colours and more. That wild white flower you once loved in the forest that no one else found pretty? You can get a piece of it preserved into your pendant!

Frozen Nature Touch offers a collection of jewellery (rings, pendants, earrings), home decor, bookmarks and fridge magnets. The flowers, leaves and buds are stored inside glass pendants using preserving alcohol that freezes them. We loved their oval-shaped glass pendant as well as the ones with rustic bronze frames! You can even get a mix of colours using different types of flowers. We love the tiny hanging bulb pendant which comes with lavender buds stored along with simple sphered ring with dandelion flowers. You can also get bookmarks with hydrangea flowers and Queen Ann's lace flowers! They have variations with leaves as well. Prices start from about INR 200. 

Did we say just flowers? Frozen Nature Touch also does accessories using preserved feathers! We love the pendant shaped like Harry Potter's potion bottle with a preserved peacock feather. There are also simple ones with glitters and paints which give the effect of pixie dust, galaxy and the moon. One of our favourites was the shell art inspired by the pink sea in Australia. It was made using the sheen of resin along with real shells! They have a collection with sea-inspired art and decor that you can browse through. Wall hangings, rings and even ones with the use of real sea algae, there is something for every ocean lover. We would like to own them all. 


You can also find them in selling in several flea markets across Chennai. You can even personalise the pendant shapes if you want!


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