There's A New Board Game Lounge In The City And Here's Why You Must Go!

    Egmore, Chennai

    What Makes It Awesome

    Adults or kids - nothing brings people together better than board games. And now, there's a whole new board game lounge in Egmore that lets you enjoy over 700 plus games (no, we're not kidding) all under one roof. It's not Monopoly or Crossword and the likes. Gameistry offers a curated collection of the coolest and whackiest board games sourced from across the world. Open to all, you could spend hours at this place bonding with your squad or making new friends. 

    The best part - all the games here are entry-level tabletop games, so you don't really have to be a pro for playing any of them. For a price of INR 99 per hour, per head, you can play up to 3 games during weekdays. During weekends, the price changes to INR 119. But we're not complaining. Although, we did have a hard time choosing from endless options Gameistry offers. Colt Express, a railway-themed family board game blew our minds. We also liked Déjà Vu, Dr Eureka and Phoenix board (this one involves dragons).

    There are a lot of interactive games for kids too here. We particularly loved Rhino hero Superpowers that's about building and climbing skyscrapers. Fun and refreshing, this place really gets your brain working, all while having fun! Accommodating up to 40 people at a time, you can totally have a board game party at Gameistry. They even have an all-veg cafeteria serving pizzas, sandwiches, mocktails and more. If you're planning for a team-building exercise, these guys can put together that too, either in their lounge or at your desired location. 

      Egmore, Chennai