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GGEZ - Board Game Community

    This New Board Game Club Welcomes Newbies As Well As Veterans To Play Every Week

    Arun posted on 09 February


    GG-EZ Board Game Community is a new outfit of board game enthusiasts and are opening its doors to everyone for their weekly board game sessions

    Club House

    This recently started group, began with a few friends of Varun Devanathan and upon seeing that this was something folks were interested starting to invite friends of friends too. Soon the group grew big on Whatsapp and about three weeks ago they created a Facebook group that’s open for everyone to join. We recently covered the Chennai Board Gamers and unlike these guys they’re a much larger group. The advantage of running a small group is that they’re more mobile. They’re game nights are much more frequent, with there being two a week, one during a weekday post 8pm {short session} and a longer one during Sundays, from 2pm to 8pm. The games they play range from Carom and Monopoly, to Settlers and Risk and as far as less commonly known games like Puerto Rico and a game called Legend of Vyas that Varun created as a game designer!

    Community First

    The group is beginner friendly and are more than happy to teach new games to you if you don’t know them. They’re very community driven and are a great place to build a new friend group as everyone’s there to play board games and meet new people. The board game sessions themselves are free of cost and have approximately 12-15 participants. They’re easy going and loosely structured, so you’re welcome to show up join an existing game if there’s a slot, or pick a new one from their stack of games and set it up yourself. Players can join you, and if you’re interested in trying a new game you can pick it up and ask for help on how to set it up.

    This relaxed format is made available by the board gamers of the group that host these sessions and bring board games. So if you’ve got table top games, do bring them along as you can be sure that there are others who will want to play. The social aspect is a mainstay of this group with the founders trying to make the atmosphere fun and open to newcomers, instead of serious and intense, and that often translates in to hanging out post sessions, at dinner for example. We think that’s a great touch and something that makes this group stand out.

    We’re hoping to check them out, and you should too!

    Contact: +91 7358444029

    Find out more from their Facebook page here.

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    Community Groups

    GGEZ - Board Game Community

    Community Groups

    GGEZ - Board Game Community