Become Carefree About Calories With These Flavourful Healthy Food Alternatives

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All of us want to have the best of both worlds when it comes to eating and being healthy. While we all know that dieting should not be a crash course sorta thing but must blend in with our consistent lifestyle, we find it quite difficult to put it into practice. But, guess what? The brands that we have in this list will help you with your practical fitness goals, replacing junk food with something healthier and guilt-free


Fit Fare

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The name itself gives it away. Fitfare is on a genuine mission to make the mid-day snacking habit a healthy one and we must say, they are doing a pretty great job! Their energy balls, granola jars, cookies and muffins are made entirely sans sugar and maida. Packaged wonderfully, these will easily fit into your gym bags and tiffin boxes, replacing one junk-meal at a time.

Andhra Delicacy

To all the spice lovers out there, this can be your go-to brand for some comfort food. Gonkhura pickle, gavvalu (rice based snack), paper sweet and more- this brand serves some absolutely delish delicacies that are also sugar and gluten-free. Amazing, no? If you are someone who lives away from home and can't cook for nuts, the rice pastes they make will save your day! 



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After watching TheGame Changer,s on Netflix, we were partially convinced to strongly consider becoming vegan. This brand pushed us a tad bit stronger than that, for, the vegan, healthy recipes they prepare are also surprisingly yummy! Specialising in vegan dairy alternatives, this brand makes varieties like chilli cheeses, milkshakes, curd, coquito and more. 

Obvsly Gelato

What? Did you say 100 ml of ice cream for less than 80 calories? Now you are talking! This brand makes low-cal, keto ice cream that tastes like heaven. Not exaggerating one bit. They have flavours like mango, chocolate, vanilla, masala chai, mint Oreo and more and they are also whey-based. Our favourite is their Ferrero Rocher and we still feel like placing a quick order every time we think about it.

Lean On Me

This online-delivery-only brand makes healthy as well as tasty lunch and dinner options like Brown Rice Pulao with Chicken/Paneer, Creamy Mariana Whole Wheat Pasta and much more. They have a 10-day subscription option that starts from INR 2500 that you should totally consider building a consistent habit.

Sweetsoul Buddha Bowls

Sweetsoul Buddha Bowls make large portion bowls that has a myriad of food items like curried chickpeas, sweet potato, avocado-tofu mash, cherry tomatoes, spinach, almonds, curried lentils, whole-wheat chips and more. They will make sure you get your daily dose of protein, carbs and vitamins. They customise these bowls for you and are priced from INR 175.

For more healthy smoothie options, check this out.

All Things Baked

Wheat and brown-sugar based cakes are lou. With a very-low-calorie frosting, they provide amazing healthy alternatives to regular desserts. All Things baked offers a delectable spread of eggless baked items ranging from cakes, tortes, pies and macaroons to cupcakes, brownies, cookies and more.

Looking for more healthy dessert options? We got you covered.


This online brand curates meal boxes according to your fitness levels and aspirations. Tailored to meet your dietary requirements, they have both veg and non-veg menu, which you can choose from. The boxes usually comprise of paneer, quinoa, fox millet, garlic chicken amongst other healthy ingredients.

Do you have more amazing recommendations? Let us know in the comments section below.