Get Your Adrenaline Rushing By Trekking The Highest Peaks In Tamil Nadu

    Treks are probably the best of adventure rush you can search for. Sweaty clothes and aching legs climbing and walking through paths just to get the content feeling of cool air on your face while looking down at the world underneath, nothing feels better than conquering that feat of feeling. For all you adrenaline junkies, we have curated the list of the hills on the western ghats that are a treat to the heart and eyes. Check out the highest peaks of Tamil Nadu to trek to!

    Doddabetta Peak

    Trek the highest peak of Tamil Nadu, Doddabetta Peak lies at the height of 2,637 metres! Situated in the ranges of Nilgiris, you can easily head there from Ooty which just 9 km away. The difficulty level is medium and the path leads through lush green mountains and immense flora species to look for. Head there a little early as the timings for the peak view is from 9 am to 6:30 pm. The entry fees for adults is INR 6 and INR 10 for a still camera. But for all that it's worth, you will get the majestic view of Bandipur National Park as well as parts of Mysore covered with misty clouds from up there!

    Kolaribetta Peak

    Located at the height of 2,630 metres, Kolaribetta Peak is the 2nd highest peak in Tamil Nadu and is located at a distance of 10 km from Avalanche lake in Ooty. The entry is restricted here and it is known to be home to various wildlife and floral species. However, you can put up a request and hike the lush green muddy paths. While the roads are a little more difficult to cover thanks to the restricted entry, it provides for a great adventure. If you are lucky, you can spot Bison and Nilgiri tahr along the way. The peak needs an entry fee of just INR 5 and opens itself to a misty view of valleys and mountains!

    Mukurthi Peak

    Mukurthy peak is located at a height of 2,554 km, it is a part of the Mukurthi National Park. It lies 45 km to the west of Ooty! While it has a restricted entry as well, with a request put up you can get the experience of towering green mountains along the way with beautiful wildlife that has found sanctuary there. There is an emerald lake as well. You could spot a Nilgiris Tahr or elephants drinking from the lake as well. However, beware, there are tigers as well! It is always better to take a guide along with. 

    Vandaravu Peak

    Located close to the Kodaikanal and Munnar hill stations, Vandaravu Peak lies at a height of 2,533 metres. A trek through the roads to the peak will take you through various coffee plantations, gushing waterfalls and dense rainforests. The Pampadum Shola National Park lies at a trek of 8 km from it where you can spot giant squirrels and Indian gaur. You can also book a log house to stay between the greens above the hills! The difficulty level is the highest during monsoon as the path gets covered so plan your trek accordingly.

    Perumal Peak

    Laying among the hills of Kodaikanal, Perumal peak is at a height of 2,440 metres. Being a well-known viewing point for the town of Kodaikanal, the trek does well both for beginners as well as experienced trekkers. After all, who wouldn't like to take a walk amidst damp green forests and misty paths? You can easily take a look around the famous Nilgiris Mountains and pitch a tent on your path as well.

    Velliangiri Peak

    Explore the caves and trek to the Shiva temple at the peak! Velliangiri peak is situated at a height of 1,778 metres and is located at 40 km to the east of Coimbatore. Although it provides for some scenic views amidst the Shapthagiri hills, it also holds historic and religious importance with the famous temple at the top. You can also get a view of the town of Coimbatore and surrounding areas from here. Crossing green grasslands and valleys, it serves for a memorable experience.

    If you think we have missed out of any, mention them in the comments below.