Cure Your Love For Stationary At This Iconic Store With Products As Low As INR 30

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What Makes It Awesome

The Hindustan Trading Company is a great place to pick up art and stationery supplies, but also a great place to pick up interesting little knick-knacks that are hard to come by. Selling stationery and fine arts products since 1974, the Chennai-based store is a go-to for any student, artists, designer or a knick-knack lover like us. They sell all kinds of products like canvases, art and craft supplies and colours across varied brands - all of which you can shop off their site. 

While you can buy all those glittery paints and brushes, Hindustan Trading Company has body painting crayons and spray paints too! Safe, easily removable and abundantly vibrant body paints are available in basic; red, yellow, green, blue, black and white. Prices have quite a bit of variety with some brands as low as INR 170 and up to INR 420.

If you are looking to try your hand at graffiti, check out the range of spray paints in more than 10 colours each 400ml can for the price of INR 550. The paint is fast drying, with a matte finish and is odour free. For all those doodle lovers, they have twin tip markers too! This product called the Promarker has customizable tips in a massive range of colours that you can add to your marker, so your marker can have two separate colours on either side! 

Hindustan Trading Company has a number of paper variety and notepads too. Make your back to school/college transition easier with their cute coloured notepads. Great for taking notes and maybe doing a little origami too! They’re quite inexpensive too with INR 30 fetching you a pad of 50 sheets. Along with that, you can jazz up your reports and assignments with Canson coloured paper. The paper is unique in that it has a fine grain finish on one side and a honeycomb grain finish on the other.

They have interesting school-supplies such as zip-up pencil cases and staple-free stapler too! If you have struggled to measure a curve line with a string before then they have a flexible curved ruler to help you do that at just INR 120.


Hindustan Trading Company also hosts various art and craft workshops across Chennai and now online, so keep your eye out for it!