Jeep Safaris & Killer Views: You'll Love This Budget Homestay In Munnar


    This homestay located on the hills of Munnar has amazing views and is great for travelers on a budget.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Situated eight kilometers from Munnar, this homestay offers views that most may not have seen. The property’s location is a bit of a trek to get to, as the nearest space to park you vehicle is a three minute walk away. What you lose in walking, you make up for with exquisite views.

    The room to be occupied is on the first floor of the building and overlooks rolling hills and tea plantations as far as the eye can see. There is a bedroom, a bathroom, and a balcony to admire the view. Moving inside, the bedroom looks just as vibrant as the hills outside; bright blue walls, warm brown floors, white French windows that open on to the balcony and a king size double bed. Amenities wise there’s Wi-Fi, TV, hot water on tap and even homely food on request, thanks to the homeowners living below.

    They’re couple friendly in case you were wondering and more than that, they’re happy to be your guides through Munnar. Organising a campfire and going on an off-road jeep safari are just some of the activities they’ve done for guests so far. They’ve also got an optional cooking class, where they can teach you how to cook local cuisine!

    Outside of guided activities, you’ll have plenty of trails and walks to go on. If you’re the outdoorsy type you can rent bikes to explore the hills. We like this property not just for its views and bedroom, but also because of how many things there are to do here. Having said that our top reason for liking this property is because of how budget it is. Stay for one night comes up to just INR 1,300. For that reason, we recommend this property to budget travelers and travelers looking to stay a while.