Floral Shirts And Suede Loafers - This Menswear Store In Arumbakkam is Lit AF!

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What Makes It Awesome

Why would you go for the same old solid tees and shirts when you can get a lot more out of it? Hotspot Menswear in Arumbakkam has some of the trendiest options to try on and pose for Insta cam. To give you an entire glow of a look, they have shirts, tees, trousers, denim, jackets and much more. Their shirts, though are a hit with us. Sure enough, you can find polished olive and brown solids but have you thought about floral shirts? Honestly, staying by the beach, they give maximum effect and start at just INR 300. You can opt for half sleeves or even full sleeves styled up with a white tee inside. The size availability is from S to XXL.

Pink shirts with minimal patterned white florals are our pick! Hotspot Menswear also has some patterned and striped trousers. After all, how much can you go for the same old boring black and beige? it's time to take it up a notch with their white striped blue trousers. They have skinny fits as well as normal fit. You can add more depth to your stature with their striped pants. They have denim jeans with stripes in the corner as well. They look like track pants but make for perfect casual wear if you don't want to seem lazy with your joggers. 

Apart from cotton clothes, they have shirts made out of lycra as well which makes it extra comfy and stretchable. You can buy their tees starting at just INR 200. Our favourite pick is their skeletal Bob Marley graphic tee. Hotspot Menswear also has shirt kurtis with prince collars that will totaly stand out in the crowd with their dots and patterns. 

To complete the look, you would need the right shoes as well. White sneakers or black sandals, Hotspot Menswear's got one for each look. Their suede loafers in royal red and blue are our favourite and are available in sizes 6 to 10. If you ask, they will even help you build a look to save time. All this in a budget! Isn't that a steal?


They have got some thick banded watches also that you can check out.


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