Escape To This Quaint Heritage Villa In Pondy For A Quick Weekend Getaway


    We found a gorgeous rustic home, The House of Blue Mangoes in Pondicherry, for you and bae to get away to for a romantic escape.

    What Makes It Awesome

    This quaint cottage in Pondicherry takes inspiration from David Davidar’s book by the same name. The House of Blue Mangoes with its yellow walls and French style beds is a restored house with a perfect blend of European and South Indian architecture. As you pass each room, you will be transported back in time with its antique furniture, vintage accents and old portraits on the wall. For anyone who loves peeking into history through restored houses, you will love it here. Absolutely charming!

    The house opens into a lovely Tamil-style courtyard and there’s a sit-out by the entrance — perfect to catch up on some reading. They have three air-conditioned bedrooms (with antique beds) and a kitchen with a microwave, refrigerator, coffee-maker, and toaster too where you can make your own coffee and meals. If you’re staying for at least five days, they can get a cook arranged to make homely traditional food but just make sure to let them know in advance. Oh, and there’s free Wi-Fi too if you just want to cosy up indoors.

    But if not, go and explore Pondy! Here is where you can go shopping but if you rather chill, the beach is just over a kilometre away and you can check out some of the cafes nearby for waffles, baguettes, and pizzas. We loved this cafe in White Town for its dollhouse-like ambience. And if you’re heading to Auroville drop by this cafe we loved for breads like flaky croissants, and hunky focaccia, and also vegan affogato made with coconut ice cream. Yum!

    The price isn’t too expensive either. Now you can look forward to a holiday where you don’t have to break the bank!