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Chennai Peeps, Here's How To Throw An Epic Singles' Party Under INR 5,000

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Forget all those cheesy dinners and dates people are talking about and throw yourself and your single peeps an awesome party at home instead. Just follow this guide and you’re sorted! Oh and you won’t have to spend more than INR 5,000!

Get Your Party Props Sorted

Twinkles, The Party Shop specialises in party decor and supplies. Everything from napkins to masks and party poppers in the shape of champagne bottles to beautiful candles, and even helium balloons are on offer here. They’ve also got party props, like hilarious wigs and quirky sunglasses, funny signboards with comical captions, and toy weapons to help you add a little zany madness to those otherwise drab photo booth photos. Their balloons are worth mentioning twice as they come in so many different shapes and sizes and are made for different occasions. Want to know about more options, read here.

Get Biryani By The Kilo

House party happening and you need to sort out the food? Then you should order something that comes in large quantities, is universally liked and is always within budget. Enter biryani by the kilo and these places and home chefs in town will do just that.

Go Alcohol Shopping at TASMAC

For regulars at Express Avenue, the TASMAC Liquor Shop in the basement is well known. It’s one of the few liquor stores located in malls with a full license to sell alcohol as long as you are above the age of 21. In the back of the store, they’ve set up two glass door refrigerators with beers – domestic and imported – so you can pick and choose from different brands. If you’re interested in more something more local, they have British Empire and the new kids on the block, Sterren and Kolt, both of which are brewed right here in our fair city. They also have the obvious choices of Kingfisher and Heineken.

Most rum drinkers would prefer a glass of Old Monk, unfortunately, that is impossible if you live in Chennai (for various reasons). However, there are other options and mostly in the Bacardi range of rums. You have your standard selection of McDowell’s, Royal Challenge, and Johnnie Walker (if you’re lucky). There are also some locally made whiskeys that are available, but it’s best that you do your research before buying something you’ve never heard of even if it might be cheaper than everything else on the shelf.

Do Up Your Space With Anti-Valentine's Day Decor

Sick of cheesy posters and lovey dovey decor? Throw them out and replace them with these single-and-awesome decor pieces. We like one from Chumbak — The Single’s Collage Print with adorable doodles on why it’s awesome to be single (if you still need some reassurance). 

Pump Up The Mood With Some Music

If you’re looking for awesome music, you can stream them on apps like Saavn and Streo. Choose from Bolly music to universal chart-toppers (we’re listening to Dua Lipa’s IDGAF. Oh, and ladies you might want to check out Maluma’s music — he’s pretty easy on the eyes too) and get your party started. Hey, there’s also YouTube for curating your own playlists and watching videos as well.

Get Everything Delivered Right At Your Doorstep

The Genie app is here to make all your wishes come true. In case you get lucky, this hyper-local delivery app brings everything from ciggies to condoms to your doorstep, so don’t fret. Oh and if you’re hungry after all that partying, they even deliver cakes, burgers etc., and our favourite, Sathyam Popcorn! Read more here.

Post-Party Cleaning

So you had a blast and now you’re not looking forward to the next part — cleaning up. Don’t worry, just download the UrbanClap app and get home-cleaning staff at your door. They’ll fix your house in no time. They also host a whole range of other services, so if you have some cash in hand, throw in a massage for your head or feet while you’re at it. You can get a full list of services and make your booking via the UrbanClap website or download their app which is available for Android and iOS.

See, Valentine’s Day isn’t all that bad now, is it?