Go Green With Handmade Natural Paper Products From This Store In Parry's

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Paper not out of trees? Yes, you heard that. This store sells handcrafted paper and paper products which are gorgeously lasting!

What Makes It Awesome

If you are a stationary lover then these handmade papers will make you drool! Ideal Wings Craft store in Parry's manufactures their own handmade and environment-friendly papers with natural dyes. With heavy deforestation, they have switched to the handmade production of their papers with the help of rural population across the countryside with the least of factory uses. And with plastics being banned across the city, you can now switch to their paper bags! Not only are they reusable and recyclable but also can be beautifully creative options for gifting. They also come in a variety of textures and thicknesses!

They further make paper-based stationaries such as A5 sized notebook (spiral and non-spiral), embellished photo frames, files, folders and pen stands. The decorating is done by villagers out of the town. They also deal with designing and making wedding cards. Not only will you be using naturally dyed paper but also decoratives with origami, marbling and gold plates! 

Prices vary from stationary to stationary but the starting prices for 250gms of paper is just INR 50. You can customise your own stationaries, design your own cards as well as take trail papers for free! 


Cost of each paper can be as low as INR 2 but due to the range of products available the prices may range till INR 500 or more for bulk orders or wedding card designs.