Art Attack At Home: Art & Craft Ideas You Can Try With Your Kids

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With everything shut and lots of free time, boredom is sure to hit your little ones at home. But, fret not! We've got you covered. Check out this list of art & craft ideas that don't require too many materials and you and your little one can easily try indoors. 

Fingerprint Art

Kids love getting their hands messy, so let them go all out and also create something colourful and nice with fingerprinting. Birds, hearts, houses, trees - get them dipping their hands in paints and create a blast of vibrant designs. Join them in the fun! We are sure they will love it!  

Rock Painting

Got spare rocks and pebbles? Then grab a few bottles of paint and turn them into a canvas for your kids. Bees, turtles, bugs - let their imagination run wild and dazzle up these tiny things into something fun and interesting. 

Bubble Painting

Bubble wraps have never been so fun! Grab a plain journal, a DIY greeting card or a plain paper and get your kids to dab and create patterns and colours with bubble wraps. You can also get them to use these to jazz up book covers or simply create interesting patterns in their drawing books. 

Accessories Making

Got spare tin cans or lose beads? Get strings, paints, buttons and all the scrap you have and create fun accessories like pen stands, bracelets and rings, jewellery baskets and more with your little ones. Wrap them up with fabrics, add cutesy bows and hearts and create new things out of scrap. Sounds fun, eh? 

Paper Craft

Got colourful paper scraps? Put them to use and get your kids involved in some papercraft. Let them think out loud and make things that make sense to them. Boats, houses, boxes are great ideas to start with.