Intrigued To Know Your Future Through Astrology? Head To Vaitheeswarankovil

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What Makes It Awesome?

Are you someone who is curious to know about the future and about something that was written thousands of years ago? If yes, then this small town in Tamil Nadu is your destination. This town is known for families with people's data written on palm leaves called Nadis, and the astrology related to this called Nadi Astrology.

The process here is simple; when you enter the place, the person takes your thumb mark {left for females and right for males}. Then the person gets the set of leaves which have the data related to the thumb impression. {Remember you haven't shared your name or details yet with the people.}

Next, he will ask you some questions that written on the leaves and you will have to answer those with a 'yes' or 'no'. If all the questions asked, are answered with a yes, then that's the leaf with all the data, and thus, the future will be spelt out according to what is inscribed on it.

My experience: I was really surprised to see my name and my parent's name written on the leaves, and it also had my exact behavioural facts along with my date of birth. It is highly recommended for all as it's a once in a lifetime experience.

All astrologers do not have all the leaves, and you will only be asked to pay if your information comes in. Translation of the future predictions is given in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, English, and other international languages in a CD. It is believed that it is about 80 - 90 per cent accurate, and as per your horoscope.

There is also a temple in the city dedicated to Lord Shiva {the place is named after the same} and it's believed to cure diseases. Also, this place is known for worshipping the Angaraka planet known as Mars.

What Could Be Better?

Beware of the fake ones in the place, and do not trust the taxi operators as they can easily cheat you.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 3,000+

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