This Home Baker Has Got Her Customers Eating Out Of Her Hand

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What Makes It Awesome

Love to have your cake garnish with dripping chocolate on the side? Add some fresh cream rosettes and truffles into the mix and we would too! Kay's Bakes is a dream come true and Kazia Roberts is making it happen. from her oozing double chocolate brownie with caramel sauce to the rainbow cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, we couldn't help drooling at creations.

Kazia also bakes some delicious cookies too. Her double chocolate chip cookies are loaded and sell almost immediately after she puts it up for sale. We have heard enough about her Blondies. Kay's Bakes customers just can't have enough when it comes to those. As for her cakes, double chocolate and red velvet are her best selling.Kay's Bakes also makes brigaderio truffles and gives them out in gift boxes. Perfect for that romantic evening with bae.

Kazia customises the designs as per her customers choices and always comes up with something interesting and amazing. We found her puppy dog cake too cute and her 3 tier cake beautiful. All you have to do is place your orders with all your customisations and then head on over to Tondiarpet to pick up the final thing!


It's always easier if you send a picture of the design you have in mind, for the best results.