This Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Brand Is All About Sustainability & Natural Flavours!

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What Makes It Awesome

Chocoshala is Chennai's very own chocolate making and chocolate tasting school where they teach the science behind the making of bean to bar chocolates. After years of strategising, they've come up with their own brand of bean to bar fine chocolates under the name Kocoatrait. The best part? Kocoatrait claims to be the world's first sustainable chocolate brand. 

Their packaging is not only plastic-free but paper-free too! Apart from the adorable minimal colours and illustrations, their chocolate bars are covered using a handmade fibre processed with cocoa husk. Kocoatrait even gets its packaging screenprinted from specially-abled people. As you start to take off the wrapper, you will find a thick aluminium foil covering the bar. Yes, this is said to be easily recyclable too and can also be reused. They also have a piece of cocoa husk paper with QR codes that can tell you how to reuse the aluminium foil and also taste the chocolate the right way. The outer pack also has some pretty Mandala art on the inside. Zero-waste and how! 

As for the chocolates, they smell absolutely tempting. Kocoatrait makes them using khandasari sugar which is obtained from Uttar Pradesh farmers (a type of non-refined cane sugar) and has no artificial flavouring or oils. Their best seller is the Coconut and Cinnamon flavour which is our fave as well. The bar inside is cut asymmetrically, and the creamy taste melts in your mouth, slowly and eventually. They even have rose, pink rose, banana, Sukku coffee, masala chai and lavender flavours - all made with locally sourced and organically grown ingredients. 

You can even go for the plain dark chocolate! All of their chocolates are said to have only 35-36% of non-refined sugar added and are also gluten-free. Prices start from about INR 190. Isn't it an experience altogether?


Their Dark Milk Irish Cream Flavour is the only flavour which is not vegan and has 55% cocoa. However, they use A2 milk! You can not only buy these chocolates online on Cocoatrait's website but also at Cocoashala Educational Institute in Royapettah.