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Do Your Own Laundry At Chennai's First Self Service Laundromat In OMR

    Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai


    Laundroroom is Chennai’s first self-service laundromat. But if you can’t be bothered to do your own laundry (lazy you!), then they have a convenient pickup and drop service too.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Chennai’s laundry service apps have been growing to service rising number of citizenry in popular areas, especially in the IT hub of OMR. Laundroroom is one such app that started as a self-service Laundromat in Thuraipakkam, OMR. Laundroroom’s self-service store is still functional even though it’s opened a home laundry delivery service too. The self-service rates start at INR 160 for a small washer (up to 6kgs) and are inclusive of detergent as well as fabric softeners. In addition to that, the water they used is clean RO water, so you don’t have to worry about how your clothes are being washed. The large washer can be loaded up to 11kgs and costs INR 275. They also offer a dryer service, with 30 mins in the dryer costing you INR 160 and every ten minutes thereafter an additional INR 30.

    They’ve however risen to new heights thanks to their home laundry service and their app. They cater to most locations in Chennai city and with the exception of a few far spots, assure delivery of your clothes within 24-48 hours of pick up. Their service takes into account colours and different washing needs. So rest assured, your delicates or whites will be washed separately. They also use quality detergents and softeners apparently and provide a guarantee saying that there won’t be any soap stains. They also offer an ironing service at approximately INR 8 per item of clothing and slightly more for bedsheets and larger cloth.

    The home laundry service operates from a subscription model and has a one month, two-month and three-month package. Each package has three pickups a month, and the one month package starts at INR 710 (rates can differ based on delivery location) with a max of 12kgs of laundry/month. All your clothing will be picked up and delivered to you, cleaned and dried in good condition. While their self-service laundromat is a cheaper alternative to getting your own washing machine, we like their home laundry delivery service as you have to pay just one fee to have everything taken care of (detergent, washing, drying, pick up and drop). Laundroroom is a good option if you’ve just recently moved to Chennai by yourself and are not looking to invest in a washing machine.


    They’re open from 8am to 10pm, six days a week and are closed on Wednesdays.

      Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai