Greens Are Now Art! Meet This Artist Who Carves Portraits Out Of Vegetables And Fruits

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What Makes It Awesome

Did you ever think that you will be looking at raw brinjal going "how beautiful"? If not, think again because this artist makes art out of the veggies that you were always against. Meet M.Elanchezian who specialises in making art out of fruits and vegetables by carving them. Using a scalpel, cleaner and a whole lot of sweaty creativity, he can make your portraits right out of it. Recently, he has been front lining the news channels with his portrait of PM Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping as a mark of welcoming the Chinese leader to the country. 

The carving was done on a watermelon weighing about 4-5 kgs and quoted "Welcome To India" in Mandarin. Earlier, he has even taken over hearts with his carving of Barack Obama, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and even late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M.G. Ramachandran. Elanchezian says that the art of food carving has always been a part of the Chinese culture and he takes inspiration from it. And what say, it's easily biodegradable as well! 

Apart from following his passion to profession, Elachezhian takes various classes in catering institutions. He also admits that he can do fruit carving blindfolded or with a knife in his mouth. His reason? It helps people with special needs to not be afraid to try it out. Perhaps, you can learn the art from him or get your own piece of art made?