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Drop Everything And Check Out This Pondicherry Monsoon-Inspired Jewellery Collection!



    This Pondicherry-monsoon inspired jewellery collection by Manifest Design is all heart and we will tell you why... 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Nature-inspired jewellery is hard to find. Particularly when it is inspired by the monsoons at Pondicherry. Manifest Design, by Manreet Deol is one such jewellery collection that you cannot miss. All her jewellery pieces are individually cast in reclaimed brass and aluminium. Why aluminium? Well, Manreet says it is lightweight, hypoallergic and best of all does not tarnish which is great for tropical places like Chennai or Pondicherry. 

    The monsoon collection evolved when Manreet lived in that magical town. The abstract forms and experiences of a winter monsoon manifested into statement pieces inspired by the abstract shapes of clouds, mythical serpent, and the general, alive energy, nature takes on in this season. 

    The Cloud statement necklace and hairpins are a must-have from this collection. Softly hand moulded into lightweight aluminium, we love how they are so organic and natural yet at the same time very sculptural and modernist. We also love the Serpent Cuff by Manifest Design, which looks like an oversized piece but when worn looks delicate and works with just about anything- from handloom sarees to a T-shirt and jeans look! Don't forget the hairpins and rings that are a part of this collection.


    Manifest Design's collection is always inspired by nature and mythology and the Kailash collection is a perfect example of that. It's a gender-neutral collection with lots of amazing pieces that are great for layering. We particularly love the key rings with Shiva on it.