Change Your Gloomy Walls To Quirky With Art Work From This Service

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What Makes It Awesome

Have you seen those music videos with colourful walls filled with graffiti, hoping your space could look like that? We heard you and went on a search to find those who could help make our houses look the same. Voilà! We found Massakii Art and Events, wall art designers who can add that element of quirk to your space. Working closely with over 25 artists who come from the field of cinema and art direction, these guys can get your house to look absolutely Pinteresty. 

You can get your living room wall covered with vibrant, pixelated art or you could go completely abstract with the likes of Picasso or have quotes doodled on to your bedroom. Massakii Art And Events also does graffiti effect with street art or 3D pop-ups on walls. Have the ocean splashing on to you in bed or have a tiger pounce on to your guests in the living room. They'll splash magic on your interiors and exteriors! They do portraits and mural artwork as well. 

Give your ceiling and floor a break from the same old wood and cement and have it painted instead! This is the best way to get that open sky Hogwarts feels. Massakii Art And Events even makes sculptures and miniature paintings for home decor. They do office spaces too. Whether you want it minimal, colourful or pastel coated, just call them up to put forth your idea and let them work their magic.


They conduct and plan events as well. Marriage decor, birthday decor, school events and even DJ booths. They even do food catering.