Temple For All! Here's Why You Should Visit Matrimandir Once In Your Lifetime

    What Makes It Awesome

    No trip to Pondicherry can be complete without a visit to Matrimandir, which is located about 12 km from Pondicherry, in the heart of Auroville. It’s architecture, which is a mix of modern western and traditional Indian styles- the beautiful gold dome structure, surrounded by twelve lush green gardens attracts a million people every year. Once inside the temple, you will find a meditation chamber that you can access via spiral ramps. A beautiful crystal globe right at the centre of the meditation chamber serves as the focal point of attention and lights up the space by reflecting sun rays that fall on it. Such brilliance! There are also meditation rooms inside the twelve stone-clad 'petals' surrounding the Matrimandir. However, visiting this space requires a bit of effort. For first-timers, all bookings need to be done on an individual basis and only in person. Entry to Matrimandir is free of cost, but the booking has to be done at least a day in advance. Regular visitors can make bookings via phone or mail, on all days except Tuesdays when both bookings and Matirmandir are closed. Meditation in the Inner Chamber takes place between 9:35 am and 10:05 am. Meditation in the Petal Meditation Rooms takes place between 9.30 am to 10.45 am. The Matrimandir Viewing Point is a raised garden area that offers a beautiful panoramic view of the whole place. You can get the passes for this at the Visitors Centre, to which you have shuttle services from the Viewing Point itself. Apart from the temple, there are other great places in Auroville! Auroville Bakery for dessert, Auroville Papers for stationery, jams and squashes from Auroville Store, pizzas at The Naturellement Garden Cafe and more! You can visit Auroville while on a road trip from Chennai to Pondicherry. There are also airport taxis that can bring you to Auroville directly if you're flying. You can also take local rickshaws if you're on Auroville Junction on ECR road or if you're coming from Pondicherry.


    When you're visiting this spot, remember to wear a hat or a cap, walk-in light saddles and also make sure to carry sufficient water. Best time to visit is between October to March.