We Found Menswear Starting INR 100 At This T-Nagar Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Located on Natesan Street in T-Nagar, Matthew Garments is a menswear store that’s been around for a long time. Of all the budget menswear stores we’ve reviewed, this one seems to be the most popular, and by most popular we mean this is the one every college kid goes to (according to college kids we spoke to).

The space in Natesan Park seems small when you enter, but climb a flight of stairs and you’re suddenly in a large crowded room with clothes from wall to wall. What we found most unique about Matthew Garments is the huge variety of clothes they have. Right from board shorts and parkas to sleeveless Dri-FIT vests, waistcoats and formal shirts - you can find everything here. To make things even cooler, all of those clothes are available from brands like Superdry and USPA.

We found Superdry shorts starting at INR 300, Vans cargo pants for INR 400, khaki slacks from USPA for INR 500 and shirts from Louis Phillippe for INR 600. All of which are neatly arranged on shelves with clear labels and markers, making a specific size very easy to search for. Speaking of sizes, we were happy to see that the clothes at Matthew Garments go all the way up to XXL. 

The always-crowded store also has a section for discounts, where you can find t-shirts for just INR 100! Matthew Garments also does accessories and footwear. We found sunglasses, ties, suspenders, wallets, backpacks, slippers, shoes, belts, deodorants, umbrellas and even the ever un-cool fanny pack (maybe not that bad). They’ve got a section for kids too, however, it’s not very well stocked and we weren’t impressed by the collection they had. Nonetheless, we think this is a great place to top up your wardrobe without spending too much.